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Creative Home Ideas For the Wedding Season

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Were you worried about your home giving a tired look for the upcoming wedding season? Don’t get hassled and plan out your home’s renovation to provide it with a wedding look. Here are some tried and tested points to adopt for the renovation.

Let There Be Light

Change the lighting system in the house. Give it a more wedding like look, say something like colourful bulbs on the terrace area.

Use halogens in the garden area and sitting and dining halls for bright and helpful lighting. The porticos and gallery, use only highlights as it will enhance the area without exposing too much.

Hanging Chinese lamps are a good substitute for halogen lamps. It will be an economical option too as the electricity bill not be as high.

Create Some Greenery Around

You can put ornamental plants in the veranda as well as the sitting area. Lush green plants like Kochia, palms, maple, et al. have a positive aura. Plants help to bring in nature inside the room.

A green plant is also considered to be auspicious. Do not keep cactus as it is very tricky to keep thorny plants inside, and someone may get hurt.

Do keep the plants by the window side for direct sunlight. If, however, you cannot manage the plants inside the room, place them on the balcony for a lush green look.

Curtains For Elegance

Curtains will also play an essential role in decking up your home for the wedding season.

Buy the curtain fabric from a renowned shop. Try to go for gold and maroon shades while picking up the material. Get the valences also in a similar pattern and matching colours.

The best way is to get top quality dupioni silk curtains stitched as curtains’ best fitting comes when they are custom made on order.

Do not go for neutral and pastel shades keeping in mind the lavish wedding celebrations. For the bedrooms, you can opt for soft shades with floral prints. Keep the dining area bright with similar colour curtains and valences.

Paintings To Add Class

If you do not wish to spend a bomb on buying artefacts, then paintings are the best option.

Get glass paintings done on demand. Custom made ones are work best as they present a unique look. While selecting the location where the artwork has to be placed, ensure that the area is bright or otherwise well lit to highlight the painting’s beauty.

Since the colours used in the glass painting are vibrant, great highlighting is also a requirement. You can also put small glass paintings on the wall of the gallery along with the family photographs.

Another great idea is to use divine images as you can place them anywhere.

A Water Body To Add Variety

You may add a water body at the entrance of the house to add variety to the decorations. Put some colourful flowers and floating candles for the wedding mood.

You can place a similar water body in the main sitting area where the guests will be entertained. Get innovative by placing a glass over the tumbler, making it look like a glass table!

So get set and renovate your home for the wedding season.

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