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Benefits of Bird baths in Your Garden

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Bird baths can make an excellent addition to any lawn and garden space. They are used to water and bathe birds and as a place for birds to frolic in the sun with their avian friends.

But bird baths bring more than just that to the garden. They come in many different kinds, shapes and sizes; you should be able to find the right bird bath to fit any lawn and garden decor. Read further to find out the many benefits of having bird baths in your lawn and garden as well as some helpful bird bath tips.

Feathered visitors will come flocking

If you set a bird bath out in your lawn and garden, it’s a sure bet feathered visitors will come flocking, especially on warm summer days. bird baths run the gamut from simple to elaborate. Some are simple bowls that sit on the ground or atop pedestals or hang from chains. Others are designed as much for the people who watch the birds as for the birds themselves. You can also display eye-catching bird baths as garden art.

Once birds discover your garden bath as a reliable source of water, if placed in the right spot and kept filled and clean, your garden will come alive with their colour, music and activity. You’ll discover the pleasure of watching sparrows, cardinals and other songbirds swoop into the bird bath for a splashing good time. If you have squirrels in the area, they might also delight you with their antics as they attempt to take advantage of your bird bath.

A dip in a bird bath cools birds in summer, and it can help them keep warm in winter. Frequent bathing stimulates birds by keeping their feathers clean and fluffed. So keep the bird bath filled, clean and ready for whatever flies your way.

Provide cover and escape routes

Here are some bird bath basics to follow to get the most out of your bird bath. Try to find a bird bath that is shallow and roomy. Ideally, baths should be 2-3″ deep and 24-36″ across. The sides should slope gradually. Consider the material your bird bath is made out of. Some materials like plastic are too slippery for birds and can crack with age. Metal dishes, if used, should be of stainless steel or other rust-resistant material. It’s essential to keep your bird bath clean to keep your avian friends returning. Use a strong jet of water from the base to clean the bowl.

Keep your bird bath safe by putting it next to shrubs or trees that will provide cover and escape routes. Place ground-level bird baths where they have 10-20′ of open space around them, but no more or you’ll leave damp birds exposed to hawks, owls and cats. In cold climates keep it from freezing by adding a heating element that ensures it stays thawed. If possible, add a fountain of some kind to your bird bath. Birds are attracted to running water.

Water fountain feature

Some bird baths already come with some sort of water fountain feature. And lastly, keep in mind that standing water has the potential to attract those tiny annoying little bugs called mosquitoes, so place your bird bath somewhere that won’t be a problem for you.

With the help of these tips and ideas for bird baths, you should be able to find the right one for your lawn and garden and be able to attract your feathered friends for a visit or two.

The benefits of bird baths are well worth the effort it takes in keeping them clean, filled, placed safely and picking the right one. Add a bird bath to your outdoor space today and enjoy the many perks they bring to your lawn and garden.

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