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Wooden Garden Bridges a Beautiful addition to your Garden

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My garden has a simple Koi fish pond, plenty of flowers, a porch swing and a beautiful pine wood bridge. I believe that wooden bridges are a lovely touch for any garden pond, Japanese-style dry river bed, miniature garden, or even above your waterfall or reflecting pool. The garden bridges I have seen range in style and beauty, elegance and simplicity, length and width, made for all kinds of gardens.

Beautiful new look with a wooden garden bridge

A wooden bridge will be a perfect addition for your garden that will best suit your needs for virtually any outdoor décor, garden design. It can even be custom-designed to fit perfectly among the specialized creations in your yard. There are lovely wooden bridges available to suit the smallest possible waters or ponds to the most elaborate waterfalls, reflecting pools, and can be used in any dry garden décor. In other words, you do not have to have a pond, waterfall, or even a dry, stone garden to create a beautiful new look with a wooden garden bridge.

When you find a place for the perfect garden, waterfall, a reflecting pool you prefer – or if you already have one of these – consider a bridge for your garden décor. There are four post as well as six post wooden bridges designed in pine, redwood and more. Most of the outdoor bridges on the market today are available at very reasonable prices. Also, you can build your garden bridges with kits, materials, equipment and instructions. Build-your-own garden bridge projects are not only fun, but they can also save you a lot of money.

An excellent place for meditation, reflection, contemplation, or to relax and unwind, a wooden bridge contributes to the overall ambience of any yard or garden. Relaxing at home in your beautiful outdoor creations, whether your garden is floral, rock, contemporary or cultural a wooden bridge is always a lovely addition. You may be the very best judge and have the very best eye for your garden, but consider the wide variety of wooden bridges.

Bamboo bridges with wooden bases

There are wooden bridges with tall posts and tightly placed together vertical beams, or wooden bridges with four to six poles using ropes or horizontal pieces of wood in between and more. There are tall bamboo railings you can install, and there are bamboo bridges with wooden bases that are perfect for your oriental, stone or miniature garden. The list goes on. Get a bridge for your garden in all kinds of styles and designs to choose from. Consider the possible benefits of a wooden bridge and the many types available on the market today.

Arch bridges with poles or without poles, straight bridges, bridges with stairways – all of these are possible considering the space and type of garden, pond, or waterfall you have. The most important thing about your garden is that you enjoy being there. Therefore, if you love your garden as a hobby, you will likely want to have a different kind of garden than one that is low-maintenance. The point is that when you are able, you have a beautiful sort of sanctuary all your own.

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