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Paving Stones and Flowers to Create Nostalgic Garden Ideas

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Many of those flowers you remember from the days of yore are back, and they still smell as fantastic as it did all those years ago. Walking through your garden this summer may bring back so many memories, especially if you remembering grandma’s backyard from your childhood—her flower beds you had to stay away from and those beautiful ornaments.

Grandma’s Garden Design

You can create a new twist on your grandma’s garden design. You can do this by creating a nostalgic garden from scratch in your backyard. Native plants are usually defined as those plants that were growing naturally in an area, and it includes all types of landscape plants, trees shrubs, vines, ferns, flowers and grasses. You can find all these plants and more at your local nursery or garden centre.

Plant a range of flowers like petunias, oriental lilies, eucalyptus near a paving stone pathway or under a window so you can take full advantage of the soothing smell drifting on the breeze. The most practical way for gardeners to create a nostalgic garden is to keep your garden as natural as possible with more traditional plants. With a heritage of standard styles and era ornaments, your garden will have a retro feel.

Plant Geometric Flower Beds

One idea is to plant geometric flower beds with cobblestones in between them. Other ideas would be to plant colourful flowers in an old fashion styled bicycle or place a sundial in the middle of the garden to create a nostalgic ambience.

Consider using trees and shrubs that have beautiful leaves and winter interest, such as colourful berries and funky evergreens. Place paving tiles around big trees for an area where you can place a bench. That will remind you of your childhood days playing hide and seek with other siblings. Birds and pollinators will be part of the environment too.

You can also plant some vegetables in your garden. A vegetable patch is becoming popular again with the cost of living increasing. In the past, vegetable patches were standard, and our great grandparents enjoyed using fresh vegetables from their gardens.

Many gardeners and homeowners have realised that they don’t want gardens of the future with strange plants. They want grandma’s garden, created with love, and that is native in appearance.

Ask your local nursery for the best trees and shrubs that are available in your area and appropriate for the conditions at your home. Expand your palette by including plants that are colourful, fragrant, significant and, most of all, fun.

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