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Growing Radishes

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Radishes are quick to crop and easy to grow meaning they are an ideal vegetable for children, new gardeners and experienced gardeners alike to grow. Radishes grow quickly and trouble-free in most situations, usually maturing within three to six weeks meaning that they are one of the quickest vegetables you can grow.

Soil Preparation

Radishes love rich, fertile soil which is well-draining. However, most people tend to consider radishes a vegetable that are just grown in the spare spaces between other plants, therefore don’t consider soil preparation.

Radishes will grow in bad conditions but if planted in a sunny spot with the correct soil conditions radishes will grow quickly, be less woody and grow larger.

Sowing and Planting

Radishes are only small so seeds can be sown pretty close together, try and sow a seed every inch in rows that are around 6 inches apart. Simply cover with soil and water lightly.

Looking After the Plants

Keep the area weed-free at all times, this is best done by hoeing between the rows of seedlings, you can also hand weed the area if you have planted the seedlings a little to close.

Keep the radish plants well-watered while they are still small, drying out can cause the crop to become woody. Thinning may also be required if seedlings are too close.


You can begin pulling the first radishes while they are still small, harvesting when the radishes are the size of your thumb is the best time to pick them.

If you leave the radish plants to grow for too long they will become woody, peppery and inedible. This can be a problem if you plant too many seeds at once and get a glut at the end of the growing season.

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