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My Favourite Easter Flowers

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With Easter around the corner, I thought it a great time to post about some lovely bright spring flowers which you can fill your homes with. Spring is a wonderful opportunity to incorporate some of the vibrant and gorgeous colours the time of year provides, I love nothing more than combining and clashing a variety of colours to make floral arrangements that stand out.

So be courageous this upcoming Easter and try putting together an arrangement by mixing colour combinations that you perhaps may not have tried with each other before, I certainly have little doubt you will absolutely love the freshness which the bright and vibrant colours will give your home.

Here are some fabulous Easter flowers for you to try in your floral arrangements this spring:

Beautifully Colourful Tulips


These magnificent flowers are available in a wide range of two-toned and multi-coloured petals and are prized for their splendid flower colours and shapes.

Indeed they were considered a frenzied commodity during Tulipmania back in the 17th century when they became the worlds most expensive flower. These days these beautiful flowers are thankfully much more reasonably priced and easy to obtain.


Cherished due to their vibrancy and numerous petals, Ranunculus are available in a wide range of gorgeous colours most notably white, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple.

Similar to a number of Spring flowers, these are typically reasonably priced so can be an ideal means to create an eye-catching effect with limited funds. Originally from central Asia, Ranunculus is Latin for frog which is quite fitting as in the wild they are found in swampy regions.


Hyacinths possess an amazing capacity to fill any home with a gorgeous, sweet and unforgettable fragrance, even smaller bunches tend to make an incredible influence.

These are typically known for their bell-shaped flowers, the waxy, densely-packed blossoms come in shades of orange, white, yellow, peach, red, pink, purple, lavender and blue.


Muscari is commonly known as grape hyacinths, however, they should not be confused with Hyacinths, they can also be called Bluebells or Bluebonnets.

They have exquisite flowers are renowned due to their amazing scent, should you feel like attempting to grow your very own you will be pleased to hear that they are known to be a piece of cake to grow because they are so easy to take care of.


These spectacularly delicate flowers are available in a wide range of wonderful colours from brilliant pinks through to blue, orange, red, purple, yellow and white. They have striking dark centres which mean they will always stand out beautifully in virtually any floral arrangement.

Hopefully, my post has encouraged you to get creative to try your very own vibrant Easter bouquet this Easter, please leave me a comment below on how your arrangements turned out.

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