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A Guide to Spring Gardening

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The change of season indicates a brand-new beginning and Spring is surely a fascinating period in your garden, with fresh growth springing up out from the soil and an ever-expanding to-do list of things to get done at the start of the year. Hopefully, the temperature is rising and the earth has now thawed out it is now time to get out those gardening tools you stashed away during the cold winter and get stuck into some gardening.

Before you start madly digging and ripping up those weeds you should spend a few moments and to make a plan for the garden this year, this will help you set out and achieve your goals and ensure your garden looks stunning all summer long. So first things first grab some paper and a pen and get that list started, here are a few pointers for you to help get you started:

Create a Plan for your Garden

  • Measuring your garden and drawing a map will help you greatly as you plan and create your dream garden. Make sure to add in plants, paved areas, walls, stairs and any other landscaping which is comprised of wood, stone etc. Also remember to include any items you will be keeping like trees, water features, shrubs, perennials etc.
  • Compose a list for exactly what is going to be incorporated throughout the season, mapping out the new elements minimizes spending too much and overcrowding.
  • Don’t limit yourself adjust your map as you go, you will have a well thought out plan and something you can be proud of at the end of the year. It will also serve as a starting point for next year

Get Your Tools Ready

In order to get the very best from the garden tools you will need to take care of them, some simple prep work and maintenance will make those garden chores a breeze and so much more enjoyable.

  • Make sure all your pots have been washed with warm soapy water and get a brush in there to get rid of any dried up soil, insects or fungus
  • Wash your pruners well, not forgetting to get some WD40 or oil in the moving parts and make sure they’re sharpened
  • Inspect all of your other hand tools for any sign of wear or rust and replace any that are broken
  • Get that lawnmower out and serviced early so it will be ready for the first mow of the year
  • Finally, ensure any other power tools are clean and checked ready for use

Time for a Spring Cleaning

As soon as the weather has become less wintry get out into the garden and start sprucing up those beds.

  • Start by removing any weeds
  • Prune back those bushes and fruit trees
  • Get rid of any dead, damaged or diseased plants taking care to look for any fungal spots and discolouration and chuck them in the compost pile
  • If you applied any mulch over the winter make sure you rake it up and add to the compost pile
  • Add some fresh compost to the flower beds
  • If you have any ornamental grasses make sure they are cut back

Finally, take a walk around the garden taking notes so you can update your plan.

Tips on Seeds and Sowing

Starting things like herbs, flowers and veg from seeds are far cheaper than buying mature plants and Spring is the ideal time to get started. Crops that that can tolerate a light frost are called cool-season crops and they can be sown outside, whereas warm-season crops generally need to be germinated indoor first.

Some top tips for getting the perfect seeds this Spring:

  • Always buy seeds from a supplier who knows your climate, ordering exotic plants may seem like a great idea but if they are not suited for your climate they will not grow successfully
  • Find out dates when sowing can be started in your area, your local garden centre can help with things like the date of the last frost to ensure you get off to a good start
  • Read the instructions! All seed packets come with directions for those specific seeds for germinating, sowing and growing, so take note and follow their directions

If you follow my simple guide you are bound to get your garden off to a flying start this year and start a wonderful foundation for many years to come. Hope you have enjoyed my post and found it useful, please feel free to get in touch and leave a comment below, I love to hear how everyone is getting one.

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