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Picking the perfect wedding flowers

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A thing to remember is not all flowers are in season during your wedding so when picking out flowers make sure they’re in season.

Today we’re going talk about your flowers and picking the perfect ones for your wedding, this is probably one of my favourite things to do. Colour colour colour, this can be so simple or it can be extravagant pick your colours and sometimes adding just a little splash of something else can make all the difference in the world.

That’s right so before you pick out before you go to a florist make sure that you do have your colours sorted. Another thing that I always suggest to the
brides bring pictures, get all of those magazines you’ve been buying and go through them and pull out one you absolutely love but most importantly pull out things that you hate that is the biggest help for florists and for wedding coordinators to help find out your style your guys and their dislikes.

Style of your bouquet

The style of your bouquet, the style of your bridesmaid’s bouquet even your groom and the groomsmen boutonnieres, what your mother and grandma will want so having all those pictures of things you like and dislike it’s very important. I think sometimes the bride has her mind thinking one design and you may not be able to tell the florist exactly what you’re thinking, so florists love to see the pictures and it’s very helpful bring in different colours, different textures, it’s lots of fun to bring in different items and if you have concerns ask your florist.

A lot of mother’s of the bride don’t necessarily want pins anymore, they don’t want their dresses ruined by being pinned on. But the grandmothers, however, always love a pin so you know to ask at your florist those questions you know what’s best for them. If you do have a truly good florist, so they’re going to incorporate your census line and can reach any budget no matter what budget you have to get armed before you go.

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