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Rose Colours and their Meanings

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A rose is a rose is a rose – Gertrude Stein

You may have heard the saying ‘A rose is a rose is a rose, ‘ but they’re not!

Sending roses is a lovely way to say thank you but did you know that roses come in many colours and each one has a different meaning? So instead of saying thank you, you may have inadvertently said I love you instead, whoops!

To help you prevent any such roses related mishaps here is our handy guide to roses and their colours.

Red Roses

Red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance. As Robert Burns famously wrote ‘O my Luve’s like a red, red rose.’

Pink Roses

There are certainly a large number of varieties of the pink rose. Overall, pink roses are widely-used to express raw feelings for instance appreciation, happiness and gratitude. Lighter pink rose flowers tend to be a sign of innocence and sweetness. Deeper pink rose flowers communicate strong appreciation and gratitude, Pink roses also convey sophistication and elegance.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses tend to be a representation of exuberance. Yellow roses bring to mind bright and sunny emotions and thoughts of happiness, warmth and welcome. These are generally representations of companionship and affection. The yellow rose, just like all the other roses, doesn’t have to possess an undertone of romance. They imply solely platonic feelings and love.

White Roses

The colour meaning of white is innocence, purity, wholeness and conclusion, so white blooms are more often than not connected with a new beginning and produce a fantastic accompaniment for a first-time bride. White flowers could possibly be chosen to express humbleness or sympathy. Additionally, they happen to be indicative of spiritualism. For this reason, white roses additionally follow suit.

Orange Roses

Despite the fact that yellow roses help remind us of the sun, an orange rose reminds us of a blazing flame. These kinds of fiery flowers symbolise energy and passion. Orange roses are generally employed to show intense passion, excitement and pride. Additionally, they express a feeling of enchantment. These kinds of blooms rival only red roses as messengers of romantic love.

Lavender Roses

A Lavender rose just like its own colour expresses enchantment; also it conveys love at first sight. Darker tones among lavender roses (closer to purple in colour) show a feeling of royal majesty and grandeur. These types of roses tend to be chosen to convey adoration and fascination.

Green Roses

Green is the colour of balance, of fertility, of opulence, is additionally a tone suggestive of harmony and peace. Green roses (these are typically off white roses along with tones of green) have the ability to symbolise good luck for a flourishing new life or well wishes for the recovery of health and well-being.

Blue Roses

A flawlessly blue rose continues to be mysterious just like the wonderfully black rose. Blue roses are not able to be grown by natural means, therefore, they represent the unattainable or the mystical. Blue roses for that reason convey the craving towards the unattainable. It is said “I can not have you, but I can not stop thinking about you.”

Black Roses

Black is considered the colour of death and farewell, the black rose, much like the blue rose continues to be incredibly elusive. Black roses are not actually black, but a very dark red rose! Black roses express the loss of a sensation or idea. Giving black roses to a person suggests the end of the relationship.

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