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Tips For Choosing The Right Flowers

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Tips For Choosing The Right FlowersChoosing the right flowers for an occasion can be a difficult thing for most people. It will often vary with the specific occasion, with a romantic meeting or hospital delivery to a new mother calling for different flowers than a funeral. There are oftentimes many different and sometimes even contradictory traditions for choosing the right flowers, some of which may be polite and traditional, though as many of these well traveled rules can sometimes contradict themselves, it pays for a flower buyer to be wary of the different nuances of each event they need flowers for. The right flowers are ultimately a very situational thing and ultimately quite prone to changing for little real reason.

Of course, the primary thing to consider is who is receiving the flowers. Every person has their own preferences for flowers and the expense of a flower is in no way a surefire reflection of the recipient’s reaction to them. While many people are thrilled by traditional and oftentimes quite costly red roses, others are a bit unsettled by the expense of these flowers and find them off putting for both their cost and being overly proper, while a colorful array of daffodils would likely make them personally happier for the bright colors and casual approach to a gift of flowers. Some people even genuinely prefer less than fresh flowers for their own reasons.

Knowing the person you’re giving flowers to is an important step of knowing what kind of flowers to get them. While a surprise is always thrilling, more often then not a giver will get a far better reaction by asking what kind of flowers the recipient wants ahead of time. Flower preferences can be a very personal thing for many people, and a one size fits all approach to a matter like this is likely only going to get a tepid, if not awkward or even uncomfortable reaction.

If one isn’t really sure what kind of flowers to get, it can pay to get a small arrangement that the buyer deems visually pleasing. Simple is usually best, and more people prefer more colorful arrangements than more subdued flower arrangements, especially for pleasant occasions such as dates, new babies or graduations. It is usually a bad idea to get a massive and expensive arrangement unless one is very intimate with the person they are giving flowers too. While these gifts can make a very positive impact on someone one knows very well, giving them to someone the giver barely knows usually only makes the receiver uncomfortable.

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